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Unpopular and down-on-her-luck, Marge is already having a tough time navigating the minefield that is her suburban high school. But Marge’s life is completely upended when her beloved mother and only champion (Greer) dies in a tragic accident. With nowhere else to turn except her ultra-conservative grandparents, Marge decides instead to hunt down her estranged father (Zahn), a former soccer star living in rural Mexico as a beach bum and coach to the local women’s team. Neither is ready for such a big change, but the best shot they have at fixing their past and moving forward is together. Released: 2023-04-21 Genre: Comedy, Drama Casts: Steve Zahn, Judy Greer, Jess Gabor, Roselyn S├ínchez, Jorge A. Jimenez Duration: 110 min Country: United States of America Production: N/A

Gringa full mvoie free watch free movie


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